Respond to an Invitation

Respond to an Invitation

If you recently received an e-mail or other written communication containing a Term Sheet and a username and password for use on the Fair Proposals System (the “System”) embodied on this website, and if you are the "Second Party" identified within that Term Sheet, then the following information applies to you.

What Your Username and Password allow you to do

If you enter your username and password in the space appearing at the bottom of this page, you will be allowed, up to the deadline set forth within the Term Sheet, to confidentially use the System to enter data specifying an amount of money ("Y") and signifying your willingness to settle for X (as referred to in the Term Sheet) and to accept certain "Settlement Terms" (as that phrase is defined at paragraph 6 of the Term Sheet), if - and only if - X is equal to or more favorable to you than the amount of money that you specify (Y). The System will not disclose to the First Party or to anyone else (including the administrators of the System) any data that you enter or any use or non-use that you may make of the System or of this website, and will erase and delete any data that you enter, unless X is equal to or more favorable to you than the amount of money that you specify. In that event the System will simply disclose to you and to the First Party, as provided for in paragraph 4 of the Term Sheet, the amount of money specified by the First Party (X) and the fact that both you and the First Party had agreed to settle for that amount.

Further information about the process may be accessed via the System's Home Page.

If you wish to use the System in the manner described above, please login using your Username and Password:

If you already have an account but you forgot your password you can request a new one here.