Define Settlement Amount

Account Number 1050

Use this page to define the settlement amount referred to within the Term Sheet ("X"). We will not disclose this information to John Smith or to anyone else except under the circumstances specified by you in the Term Sheet.

Please specify the form of currency that is applicable to your proposed settlement amount in the space provided below (e.g., "United States Dollars," "Euros," etc.)

Please enter the settlement amount in the space provided below (Note: you can continue to make changes to this amount until you elect to authorize us to Issue an Invitation via our "Activate Your Invitation" page). Please eliminate commas and use whole numbers (i.e., do not insert decimal points).

Once you have entered a settlement amount as provided for above, you may click here to enter and confirm that data and proceed to our Activate Your Invitation page.

Note 1: If you click to enter and confirm the data that you entered on this page and then activate the invitation, that settlement amount data will be held as escrow by the System and will not be disclosed by the System to anyone else (including the administrators of the System) unless the claim settles for that amount via the System by the deadline. In that event the settlement amount you specified will appear on a Certificate of Settlement that the System will provide, in non-editable PDF format, to you and to the Second Party at that time (a copy of that Certificate will not be provided by the System to anyone else, including the administrators of the System). If the claim does not settle via the System by the deadline then, if you log into the System as of the deadline or within ten (10) calendar days thereafter, the System will provide you with an opportunity to access, download and/or delete a non-editable PDF copy of a Certificate attesting to the manner in which you used the System and the results of that use, upon which the settlement amount that you specified will appear. The System will not provide that Certificate or disclose the settlement amount appearing thereon to anyone else (including the administrators of the System) and will – in the event that it has not already been deleted – delete it ten (10) calendar days after the deadline in the ordinary course of the System’s operations. (The System does not monitor or track whether First Parties access, download and/or delete such Certificates.)

Note 2: You may wish to make a note, within your own records, of the settlement amount that you specified on this page because, once you use the System to enter and confirm that data, the System will not display that settlement amount again except under the conditions specified in Note 1 above.

Note 3: If you are not an attorney, then it is recommended that you should - prior to activating an invitation - obtain advice from an attorney as to what would constitute a reasonable and realistic settlement amount to specify given the facts and circumstances of the claim and the process described within the Term Sheet. Fair Outcomes, Inc. has no knowledge of the underlying facts and circumstances and, as is noted in our Terms of Use, we do not provide legal advice to parties using this site.